UFC 241: Inside the Octagon – Cormier vs Miocic 2

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In this episode John and Dan preview the UFC 241 main event between UFC heavyweight Champion, Daniel Cormier, and the man he claimed the title from, Stipe Miocic.

Having lost his belt in devastating fashion at UFC 226, Stipe Miocic now returns to the octagon, steadfast on reclaiming the gold he so covets, and re-establishing his reputation as the UFC’s most successful heavyweight champion.

However, as the only UFC fighter to defend titles in two different weight classes, Daniel Cormier will cement his legacy as one of the greatest champions in UFC history.

Hosted by UFC commentators John Gooden and Dan Hardy, UFC Inside the Octagon is an in-depth tactical analysis show that previews the feature fights at upcoming UFC events.

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28 thoughts on “UFC 241: Inside the Octagon – Cormier vs Miocic 2

  1. Great analysis of DC’s tendency to follow his opps, rather than having the skill to cut them off! Stipe take notes buddy 👊🏽. Use that to your advantage like Jon Jones did 💯💯

  2. Nobody just recovers immediately from a knockout like that, he was knocked out senseless with just one punch. Also bear in mind his face was already getting busted up before the KO.
    Stipe is in denial and that's only gonna get him beaten up worse in the rematch. DC is an absolute beast at HW

  3. Stipe never complaint about eyepoke, wch was clearly intentional.. Stipe showed too much respect to someone who cried like a pussy on TV wen Jon knocked him out. DC ws never a double champ, carrying tat fake belt. Cant wait Stipe to retire him on 17th Aug

  4. If stipe really thinks he was winning everywhere, then DC will have an ez time KO stipe again cus he’ll just walk into DCs punches and clinch game just like the first time!

  5. So honestly stipe discredited DC in the first bout and based on his interviews he still feels that way and his statements of oh i was beating him everywhere might mean he has learned nothing from the loss meaning no corrections and same result now Dc also feels Stipe just can't beat him but we know Dc has this attitude of grind myself to death and i believe that good habit will keep him humble.

    Stipe needs to…Keep range and stay away from clinches to win and come out at a higher pace but strike patiently.

    DC needs to…stop dipping the head to the side, come out much higher pace if he let's stipe work in R1 he will lose, clinch again with same shots of and under this time and he needs to wrestle a bit more but most probably only after R1.

  6. It is nice that you mentioned the eye pokes by dc, but you really seemed to shy away from pointing out how many and how bad they really were. One of them was knuckle deep. Another was less than 3 seconds prior to the knockout. After the fight, Stipe had scratches all around both eyes. If you were being completely honest, you would have pointed that out. Also, I do not believe for one second that dc had his arms and fingers extended like that as a defensive measure to block punches. Every chance he got, he was trying to put those fingers in Stipe's eyes. dc is a filthy cheat, no better than jon jones.

  7. Hardy really wants miocic to be better than DC and win the fight. Like it was all lucky dc won the first fight. I´m sorry for u Dan, but dc its gonna make it look eeeeasy in the second fight. He´s just far better

  8. Would LOVE to see Stipe win but I think DC definitely has this one in the bag. I think the first round of the original matchup summed everything up. Very close first round , but as the fight goes on I see DC the pulling ahead. The I feel stipe won’t be able to knockout DC but stipe will be able to get knocked out by DC.

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