UFC 235 Shake-Up! Woodley vs. Usman Is On | Luke Thomas

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According to reports, Jon Jones will face Anthony Smith to defend his light heavyweight belt at UFC 235 on March 2nd. That will serve as that event’s headlining bout. The co-main event, however, will by Tyron Woodley defending his strap against Kamaru Usman. Former interim champion Colby Covington is healthy and ready to compete, but apparently UFC brass have soured on him and decided to reward the surging Usman. What does all of this mean? Here are four takeaways.

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36 thoughts on “UFC 235 Shake-Up! Woodley vs. Usman Is On | Luke Thomas

  1. From everything your saying is the exact reason there should be a union for these fighters, then they wouldn't get used by the system to make a bunch of money off them and their popularity and then prevent them from advertising with companies on clothing like they used to and force them to sign and wear the company the system signed with.

  2. This is going to be a boring fight. As other people mentioned Kamaru has the highest chance to beat Woodley and is coming off of a serious win streak; hence, why the ufc is giving him the title shot. I see this fight going to decision and Woodley possibly taking it. Woodley should be the better striker and proficient enough as a wrestler to stop Usman's takedowns and cagework. It is going to be a long and technical fight.

  3. As long as there's no fighters Union they will continue to get railroaded. UFC is divide and conquer works every time. Reward some and most will keep fighting for the peanuts and the dream instead of a union.

  4. Usman is a far superior fighter to Covington. I can't understand why people seem to think Covington-Woodley is even a close fight.

    And I think rewarding active fighters willing to take more fights is a good strategy. The past few years have seen many interesting matches being lost due to fighters unwilling to take a fight with someone who isn't a big enough draw.

  5. On the contrary, I think the UFC believes Woodley will walk right through Usman. If Tyron wins, this would set up an even bigger fight with Woodley vs Covington at the end of the year …perhaps a November matchup at MSG

  6. Luke, Colby has been playing hardball since early last year, he fought once in 18 months or so, it's not he refused a fight once. they had the right 100% to give the fight to Usman, he deserves it too.

  7. This is what happens when you try to call the shots the ufc and Dana will give you the cold shoulder unless the fighter has pull smh. Good shit though once you give fighters some pull they’ll take advantage of it.

  8. The matchup doesn't make sense financially if Jones doesn't get licensed. Usman would sell less as a main over Colby. I know the UFC believes Jones will get off but if he doesn't will they just move the card again?

  9. After all that begging and acting like the champ is scared there you go now the champ is gonna merk you like he did till, what’s up with Covington other guys taking his beats for him ?

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