UFC 235 Results, Reactions

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30 thoughts on “UFC 235 Results, Reactions

  1. Remember when people were bitching about the respect Cody and Pedro had for eachother? Being too soft etc guess what, they came out with the Fight of the Night bonus.

  2. I'm disappointed with Cody. He has so much talent but lacks fight IQ.. How can you get KOd by the same punch 3 times in a row??? Man he needs to change camps and fix his weakness. How can he look so perfect against Cruz and fall so much?

    I was shocked by how bad Woodley looked against Usman wtf

    I wanted to see Askren lose after talking so much shit 😂 maybe next time ahahah

    I'm so glad mickey balls got finished by sanchez.. HAHAHA dude is a fucking bum!

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