UFC 235 Post-Fight Show – MMA Fighting

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With UFC 235 in the books, MMA Fighting’s Marc Raimondi and Chuck Mindenhall break down the top storylines coming out of Sunday night.

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47 thoughts on “UFC 235 Post-Fight Show – MMA Fighting

  1. Let Jon Jones fight Thiago Santos. I don't wanna see him at heavyweight, yet. And give Usman his credit, coz he shut down Tyron's game plan. And watch Weisel channel, Lawler give Herb Den thumbs up, it was a bad stoppage.

  2. Maybe it’s just me, Askren gets finished by Till. I really don’t think Ben will be able to step in and grab him as Darren won’t be afraid of his hands, like Woodley at 228. The strength will be equal and Till will have the leverage due to his height.

  3. The UFC needs to get the rules unified. Can you hit to the back of the head? Can you knee while getting up with a hand or fingers on the match? This is confusing as f*&k. You cannot stop a machine gun.

  4. We've already seen Till vs Askren when Till fought Tyron? No way! Tyron knocked Till down. Askren ain't knocking anyone down and his striking is way worse than Til's. It's a very different fight. If Till beats Masvidal, then him vs Askren is a great fight.

  5. Till seem pretty lost on the ground with Woodley.. and this game is he is to fight I don't think he's got savagery the capability violence the Lawler presents. I think Lawler is the toughest fighter ever to do it maybe not the most complete maybe not the best at any one thing but the toughest. He's got the strongest mindset. He's the only person Tough Enough to basically move on and be a good sport to immediately look at with TJ Dillashaw did, pissing and crying over and over again about how he had it stolen from him after getting dropped three times getting his ass whipped and claiming early stoppage. There's not a lot of excuses for Herb Dean he pulled his arm away from him winner of Dean tried to grasp it I guess to ascertain whether it was limp or not he then put a thumbs-up sign and then seem to attempt to replant his hand…

  6. Remember when casual noobs were saying Woodley could beat GSP? Hahahahahahahaha! LMFAO! The bum has shown no improvements since his losses to Rory and washed up Jake Shields. Woodley wouldn't even be top 5 on a list of GSP's toughest opponents. Jake Shields, Jon Fitrch, Pre-USADA Hendricks, Matt Hughes, Thiago Alves, prime BJ (noob Woodley fans will laugh at this because they only know him from the Siver and Yair fights). GSP is the undisputed welterweight GOAT and would still beat anyone on the current roster 8 years past his prime! #GOAT

  7. Woodley is never a pressure fighter. He's always obsessed on the big right hand n s banks on wrestling defense. Remember Rory,Thompson, Maia….. If Usman was a power striker the outcome would have been a KO.

  8. Bro st Pierre has definetly had a few bad nights he's been knocked out lost his title beat up by Hendricks in which Hendricks was robbed. Know your facts as journalists

  9. Noticed Raquel Pennington wasn't with Tecia for this fight. I guess they are having relationship issues. I find that shocking that lesbians would have relatonship issues. So rarely happens.

  10. These people are annoying! Woodley didn't out wrestle Till, he couldn't take him down. He knocked him down with a right hand. Till's anti wrestling is fine.
    Stop lying to us or get another job if you're this bad.
    Woodley was ok. Usman just overwhelmed him. The size and the cardio of Kamaru were the difference maker.

  11. Funny to read people say Colby doesn't deserve the Usman fight because he beat up the same 2 people Usman did to get Woodley. Now Usman was more impressive vs RDA but Colby was more impressive vs Maia. I'm all in on Usman vs Colby, in Africa! Put Ngannou in the co-main.

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