UFC 235 Post-Fight Press Conference: Dana White

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29 thoughts on “UFC 235 Post-Fight Press Conference: Dana White

  1. I hate how everyone cries about Dana when it comes to Askren. Askren’s such a whiny bitch. Even if you don’t like Dana as a person get over it. You fight in a cage 2x a year for 15 minutes and make more money than 99% of the world. Stop your bitching, if it wasn’t for Dana you would be back to fighting fucking nobodies in Asia like you’ve been doing for 10 years. He got lucky against lawler, he was in trouble for most of the fight and getting fucked more than he ever has.

  2. Right, let's now pretend Edmund is a good coach and that Ronda, Travis, Manny and other ruined careers never happened! An MMA charlatan if I ever saw one, and a financial fraud as well, I'm surprised he's not in jail in the first place

  3. Dana White is a peace of shit,illegal knee is an illegal knee you peace of shit!Always got excuses for that peace of shit Jones!Once a cheater is always a cheater!Does not matter if your winning in the fight or not ,it’s still illegal you peace of shit.That mother fucker uses his position to fuck with the fighters that he can’t manipulate,he needs to leave the ufc.No body likes you bitch ,getting rich more and more and he ain’t even the one fighting.

  4. All the ppl crying about the stoppage look at it as it's your brain would you rather have a accidental early storage and you suffer no real damage or would you rather see guys passing out and being held another 7 or 8 seconds. 3 humans in the ring one made a mistake who would have thought that's possible

  5. The askren lawler stoppage was a horrible situation! From the ref standpoint if he didn't stop it and he really was out everyone woulda jumped on him! I think he made the best decision he could give the circumstances and his job, protect the fighter!

  6. Askren vs Lawler IMHO was a warranted stoppage. The safety of the fighters always comes first. Imagine if Askren caused some serious damage to Lawler and the ref didn’t stop it, everyone would be calling for the ref’s head. Damned if you do, damned if you don’t.

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