UFC 235 Post-Fight analysis with Joel Suprenant

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Chael Sonnen and Joel Suprenant recap UFC 235.

38 thoughts on “UFC 235 Post-Fight analysis with Joel Suprenant

  1. Jon Jones is the greatest fighter ever in MMA. And he is a cheater. Those two statements seem to have a high degree of probabilistic truth behind them.

  2. This was absolutely riveting, I can't explain why exactly, it just worked, and believe me I've seen all types of Podcasts and shows there are, keep it going, be yourselves.

  3. Hey Joel he didn't get his ass kicked. He won the fight. End of story. Check the official scorecard. Take your dislike for Askren out of it. It means nothing when dissecting the fight.

  4. He was out when the hand fell. Watch it back; you can clearly see the ref tap Ben on the shoulder as he's moving around him to check on Robbie, and thinking it had already been stopped, Ben loosened his grip for a split second, and that's why Robbie was concious when the ref stopped it for real.

    He had that thing locked in, with a minute and a half left in the round. Whether the ref stopped it when he did, or waited another 5 seconds…. it was over.

  5. When you make an accident with your car never take the blame even if you were the guilty party who caused the accident.. For simple court case reasons obviously. So the moment Ben Askren comes out and say the stoppage was controversial he have to fight Robbie again. Instead he played it clever and made it out to be a one sided victory and aim directly at Till / Masvidal / Usman.

    Obviously Robbie does not deserve this but I can guarantee if they gave that TKO stoppage to Robbie no one would be talking about a rematch. Ben got in that situation by making mistakes the same way Robbie got into the submission position. Don't give the referee reason to make you loose.

  6. Cody has the mentality of a crash test dummy. He reacts instead of acting. He doesn’t use angles or distance. He basically throws the same series of punches.

  7. Joe said Anthony did everything he said he was gonna do ?

    Ummm. No. Maybe you should watch these fights and interviews buddy. Even Anthony said his problem with the fight was he DIDNT do anything he said he was going to do …. god this Joel guy is an idiot.

  8. Tony Ferguson is the kind of guy, who will get his pilot license, buy a plane, crash it into the top of mount Everest and walk down in his dress clothes on an active rest day

  9. Who is this Joel guy? I’ll give him a pass this time since it’s 4am. But my god, he just throws out verbal incoherent diarrhea fight analysis! It’s hard to listen to him and Chael seems to be so respectful of his terrible points

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