UFC 235: Pedro Munhoz Octagon Interview

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Pedro Munhoz chatted with Joe Rogan after his incredible win over Cody Garbrandt.

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50 thoughts on “UFC 235: Pedro Munhoz Octagon Interview

  1. I'm done with this guy… when I saw him fight dominick cruz I was ready to jump hard on the hype train.. his lost his last three fight in the worst ways.

  2. Crazy how cody lost the same way as his last fight. Really emotional fighter! Once his opponent wants to stand toe to toe, footwork, head movement, and everything just out the window for him

  3. I cant believe whats happened to Cody a lot of people saying he's not a smart fighter but forget he beat Dominick Cruz. I think the losses from TJ messed him up.

  4. Cody has learned nothing from the TJ fight. Dont go in brawl modus if you have a glass chin. Stay in Defense, blow 1, 2 fast punches and get back in Defense. Idiot. So fast, so Talented, so stupid

  5. Cody has zero defence when he starts to attack like a bull. If you don't have a iron chin you will go down with your chin up like that. It is almost like he is tryin to get super saying by getting angry but he's body is like: no, you don't have the power level.

  6. Cody got messed up after first TJ fight, remember how he ALMOST won when time ran out first round? Then he punched like crazy angry and got hit, this is the 3rd time!! Same fucking ko!!

  7. I think it's a shame a young fighter with so much talent yet his team or himself can't learn after now 3 ko losses,change camps or maybe go to boxing full time the shots may not have same effect with the bigger gloves although u can't teach a chin,so who knows,maybe bellator the answer

  8. CODY LITERALLY MADE THE EXACT SAME MISTAKE 3 FIGHTS IN A ROW. It’s super frustrating seeing this as a fan. He will land a big shot and just start swinging and leave himself open, he gets impatient. He could have beat TJ at least once and he could have beat this guy too. It’s a shame since he’s so talented but it’s being wasted. Maybe he should switch camps and regroup to try to get that confidence back because this is NOT the guy who dominated Dominick Cruz in late 2016…

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