UFC 235: Diego Sanchez – "I Was Relaxed Out There"

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Diego Sanchez discusses his big win backstage at UFC 234.

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46 thoughts on “UFC 235: Diego Sanchez – "I Was Relaxed Out There"

  1. even an old Diego is a terrible match up for an un-worthy Mickey Gall. All he has is a rear naked choke. Diego has never been submitted in his whole career. No disrespect to Gall but he shouldn't be in the UFC.

  2. while he was putting the finishing touches on gall, i was yelling "YES" louder than diego doing a cartwheel 😂 ive been a fan for so many years i almost want him to retire but goddamn i will always be excited to watch him fight. thanks for another heart racer, nightmare!

  3. Poor Diego. I'm glad he got the win, but his slugfests over the years have done some serious damage to his brain. It's heartbreaking to hear him stumbling through interviews like a boxer after a 30 year career.

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