UFC 235: Ben Askren Post-Fight Press Conference – MMA Fighting

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At the UFC 235 post-fight press conference, Ben Askren discusses the controversial win over Robbie Lawler, why he doesn’t want the rematch, his continued issues with Dana White and more.

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40 thoughts on “UFC 235: Ben Askren Post-Fight Press Conference – MMA Fighting

  1. it's not Bens fault that Herb Dean sucks as a referee. it's hilarious how he refers to Unman as Marty Mcfly, his real name, until he changed it to appeal to his black fans as sounding more African. Bahahahaha

  2. I got to say I have been a huge UFC fan for over 20 years, I was so excited for this card. and I have never been so disappointed on such a Stacked card. I am super glad I can watch the fights for free at Buffalo Wild Wings because there is no f**** way I'm ever going to pay for a pay-per-view again. PS Ben askren is super f**** boring to watch just like every other wrestler

  3. Ben showed his philosophy of that when you’re getting beat on you need to take risks, eat some punches and get to better positive. So many guys cover up when they get rocked, they ball up, or pull guard and cover up. That’s not going I help you. That dude is going to keep landing and your not doing anything. Even if they don’t Ko you their getting a stoppage. Some man guys would have balled up, tried to get guard when roddie was unloading but that’s not going to stop someone. You’re not defending intelligently. You’re not advancing and the ref can’t let you keep taking damage. You need to move. So many strikers just ball up when they’re rocked thinking they will weather the storm example garbrant against tj one. He was out, he was waiting to get his legs, the fight was stopped. He should have just moved even if it was like a flopping fish. Your going to lose anyway so take the risk.

  4. I love this guy. Its so weird seeing a guy just giving honest answers everytime somebody asks him questions. He doest try and create fictional beef, doesnt try to play for the cameras or put on a show or anything.

  5. Definitely an early stoppage but i don't think Lawler was getting out. Dana won't talk to him because he can't stand being wrong……….which seems to be quite often lately.

  6. Ben won fair n square Dana wants to give him bad matchups he proved himself. Give him Marty or Damien Mia someone who is more of a grappler I want to see what Ben can do.

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