UFC 234 Whittaker vs Gastelum Fight Predictions

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Main Card

Robert Whittaker vs. Kelvin Gastelum (Whittaker) DEC 1:01:38 Cancelled
Anderson Silva vs. Israel Adesanya (Adesanya) KO/TKO 50:22
Rani Yahya vs. Ricky Simón (Yahya) SUB 45:19
Nadia Kassem vs. Montana De La Rosa (De La Rosa) SUB 39:54
Jim Crute vs. Sam Alvey (Crute) DEC 33:49

Preliminary Card (ESPN)

Dong Hyun Ma vs. Devonte Smith (Smith) KO/TKO 26:50
Austin Arnett vs. Shane Young (Young) KO/TKO 22:19
Kai Kara-France vs. Raulian Paiva (Kai Kara-France) KO/TKO 18:57
Teruto Ishihara vs. Kyung Ho Kang (Ho Kang) SUB 15:00

Early Preliminary Card (UFC Fight Pass)

Lando Vannata vs. Marcos Mariano (Vannata) SUB 8:45
Jalin Turner vs. Callan Potter (Turner) KO/TKO 4:47
Wuliji Buren vs. Jonathan Martinez (Martinez) DEC 1:30

More Confident Picks:
Israel Adesanya
Shane Young
Kai Kara-France
Lando Vannata
Kyung Ho Kang

Less Confident Picks:
Devonte Smith
Rani Yahya
Jim Crute

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14 thoughts on “UFC 234 Whittaker vs Gastelum Fight Predictions

  1. Alvey doesn't run and do anything, he plods and maybe does something. He loses a lot of decisions due to low output which leads to people forgetting how good his counter striking can be. And he isn't as one dimensional as some think, he's insanely hard to take down, he doesn't employ a ground game but he certainly knows his defense, he's been subbed once.

  2. You know Wayne something you forgot about and many others is Anderson Silva has submissions and a ground game so to me this isn't really a mirror match. Israel absolutely does not at this point and can get caught. Anderson is definitely out of his prime and usually doesn't do very well when someone has more reach than he does so I think their gameplan will be around the clinch and sweeps to bring it to the ground somehow. The standup will be fun to watch though.

  3. Good predictions, man. You convinced me on the Jim Crute fight. I was leaning towards him too. I just think he's gonna outmuscle Sam Alvey in the exchanges and get the fight to the ground. I think he's explosive enough to get himself out of any of Alvey's tricky sub attempts. I see it as either a decision or KO win for Crute.

  4. just a terrible card, except for the 2 fights. Adesanya should have it easy, but I always cheer for the old vet over the cocky young guy. Whitaker should use leg kicks, but don't box w Gastelum.

  5. Do you ever gamble on fights Wayne? I feel like I am always trying to find a way to side with underdogs in main events since the payout is bigger but this one seems like an under the radar pick.
    Obviously anything can happen but I saw Kelvin's knockdown ratio is 9:1! That's insane! This has got to be one of the hardest main events to predict in a while based on the variables. I've only been following diligently for about a year now so how much value would you put into any possibility that Robert isn't the same after those two wars with Romero? Also, while Yoel probably has more raw power than Kelvin, how would you compare them based on pure striking technique as well as cardio? Thanks!

  6. Here are my predictions for ufc 234:

    – Kelvin Gastelum win via KO under 2 rounds. Upset. New Champion. In his first title defense he will lose to Israel Adesanya. Confidence: 50-50% Robert barely won in his war against Yoel Romero. I kinda see robert losing like robbie lawler to tyron woodley. Flash knockdown and it's over. Robbie went through war with condit, hendricks, and mcdonald so everybody thought he could handle the power punches from tyron…. nope. Same with robert. I got kelvin winning by KO probably in rd 1.

    – Israel Adesanya win via decision or KO. I'm going with KO. Silva is old. Israel will drop him with punches and the ref immediately stops the fight once he sees silva knocked down but is still conscious. Silva will be in disagreement with the ref about the early stoppage. Confidence: 90% Israel is now the new title contender.

    – Ricky Simon win via KO in rd 1. Ricky is going to stop the takedowns and KO Rani on the feet. Confidence: 25% Rani is still a dangerous grappler but he is getting old & he's been dropped before by punches. Not confident on ricky in this fight because ricky likes to outwrestle his opponents… that's not a good idea against Rani due to his submission threats & back control. But i'm still going with youth on this one.

    – Montana De La Rosa win by submission or decision. She's the better grappler between the two & she has more experience even though they both are the same age. Nadia Kassem has only gone past the 1st round once in her career… it was in her ufc debut win over alex chambers who was 38 years old at the time… she beat an old person & she had the size advantage. Nadia hasnt fought since november of 2017 when she beat alex chambers. Ring rust but she's still young. I'm going to go with Montana De La Rosa winning by submission in rd 2. Confidence: 60-70%

    – Jim Crute win via stoppage against Sam Alvey. Not sure how he is going to win but it will be by stoppage. He's either going to strike with Sam and end up knocking him out after also being knocked down himself OR take sam down and submit him. Since Sam is hardy to take down and in all his recent fights he lures his opponents into a striking contest with him he'll most likely do the same with Jim Crute. IMO, it's safer for jim to submit him than to stand and trade with him. Jim will get knocked down…. but since he's young and shown he has a good chin im going to guess he recovers and eventually tko Sam. Confidence: 25% Jim is still young + inexperienced + doesn't have the wrestling to take sam down nor keep him down + he most likely will end up brawling with him & potentially getting knocked down himself BUT hoping he recovers. Which is why I'm not confident in him. Sam could knock him down and end up stopping the fight altogether where Jim never recovers from it nor given the chance to recover because the ref stops the fight.

    – Devonte Smith win via KO under 2.5 rounds. Both smith and kim are brawlers with lack of defense. Depends on who lands first. I'm going with smith because 1.) imo he's the harder puncher. I believe he can take kim's punches not the other way around 2.) smith has a 5 or 6 inch reach advantage even though kim is taller by an inch or two 3.) Smith is 5 years younger & has taken less head shots…. but kim hasn't shown any signs of glass chin whatsoever. However, kim has the edge in: experience, endurance, and is the more likely of the two to initiate the grappling exchanges… grappling im going with kim especially in in the later rounds as endurance becomes a factor. Majority of smith's fights end in rd 1 so you have to wonder how his endurance is going to be like espeically if he brawls and expends a lot of energy in the first 2 rounds and then by rd 3 if his opponent hasnt been knocked out they can potentially capitalize on a tired smith with an easy takedown. Confidence: 25-50% i see this fight ending by KO for smith under 2.5 rounds. If kim were to win it would be by submission over 2.5 rounds after absorbing all of smith's shots and eventually taking him down and submitting him while he's tired.

    – Austin Arnett win via decision or he gets robbed from the bias judges. I'm more confident on this fight going the full distance than predicting who the winner will be. Both guys are difficult to get a stoppage win over. This fight is going to be back and forth with a little bit of everything from striking, grappling, clinching, and accidental groin kicks. Confidence: 0% i would not bet on this fight unless you're betting on both fighters. Both are evenly matched in terms of skill… although imo shane young is probably the better wrestler and can survive off his back if he were to be taken down or if his opponent takes his back. Then you have the judges as well since this fight will most likely go the full distance.

    – Kai Kara-France win via decision against the ufc new comer. Confidence: less than 50% Raulian Paiva has the size advantage though… 5'8 vs 5'5. 69 inch reach vs 66.5 or 67 inch reach. The better fighter as of right now is Kai… but imo, the one with the higher ceiling is Raulian Paiva. They are both about the same age… Kai is 25 while Raulian is 23.

    – Teruto Ishihara win via robbery split decision. UPSET. Kyung Ho Kang is the better fighter, better grappler, the more likely of the two to end the fight by stoppage (submission) and has a slight size advantage. 5'9 vs 5'7 and 72 inch reach vs 69 inch reach. I would avoid betting on this fight unless you're betting on both of them. I want to pick Kyung… but i think he's going to get robbed by the judges. Confidence: 0%

    – Lando Vannata win via KO under 2.5 rounds against the ufc new comer. Confidence: 99% They ufc is really giving lando an easy opponent in terms of skill wise. Only thing Marcos Rosa has over lando is size advantage… he has a huge size advantage standing at 6'2 vs 5'9. Other than size, Lando is the superior mma fighter in all areas & has more experience.

    – Jalin Turner win via KO over 2.5 rounds against Callan Potter OR Potter win via submission under 2.5 rounds. Both guys are huge for lightweights but turner has the slight size advantage… 6'3 vs 6'1 & 75.5 inch reach or 76 inch reach vs 74 inch reach. Opposite in age… turner is 23 while potter is 34. No idea how this fight will play out. If it's purely a striking contest then I can see Turner winning by KO. If Potter decides to grapple he could pull the upset. Confidence: 0% More confident in this fight ending by stoppage than predicting who will win.

    – Jonathan Martinez win. He's at a slight size disadvantage against Wuliji. The one with the higher ceiling is Martinez. Wuliji isn't a good fighter but on paper he's a quality matchup against Martinez who is still young and inexperienced as of right now. In 3 years from now I would definitely pick martinez over someone like Wuliji. As of right now… i'm at a slight confidence he'll get the win over wuliji. Confidence: 40-50% No upset.

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