UFC 234 Press Conference | Whittaker vs. Gastelum, Silva vs. Adesanya [FULL] | ESPN MMA

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Robert Whittaker, Kelvin Gastelum, Israel Adesanya, Anderson Silva and president Dana White hit the stage from Melbourne, Australia, for the official press conference of UFC 234. According to White, the co-main event of Adesanya-Silva serves major implications of a No.1 contender position (1:30). Adesanya is appreciative of everything Silva has given to mixed martial arts, and even admits he is the reason why he fights, but would be an honor to knock Silva out of it (4:20). With rumors looming large of the Flyweight division being in jeopardy, White claims the UFC has not made a decision yet and will see how the 135 lb. fight plays out (16:34). Whittaker admits he doesn’t need an any motivation in his title fight, and Gastelum trying to “kill him” is more than enough. Finally, the fighters square up face-to-face to conclude the press conference (28:10).

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46 thoughts on “UFC 234 Press Conference | Whittaker vs. Gastelum, Silva vs. Adesanya [FULL] | ESPN MMA

  1. I love the Spider. Not many men do I care to meet. He’s one guy I wouldn’t mind shaking hands with. 🙏🏼🍻⚔️🇺🇸⚔️ Brazil’s finest 🇧🇷🙏🏼

  2. Robert Whittaker will defeat Kelvin. I love watching Whitaker and Max Holloway. Their boxing, footwork is beautiful. Silva who's been brought out of the geriatric clinic to face the Nigerian FeNoM will get blasted into 2069. However, I love Anderson because he's such a gentleman and a super MMA Star. I'd love to see him clip Adesanya and end it after an epic fight but the Clock is always ticking and it's hard to beat the clock. Is Rogan too much of a pussy to fly or is he too whacked out on DMT, LSD and Shrooms to handle the trip? I'm really gonna miss Joe's insightful commentary, "OHHHHHHHH" and that's when the dude completely misses. Joe, go back to blowing Jack Dorsey from TWADDLE.

  3. The Israel v Anderson fight is not a legitimate top contender eliminator. It is rather the UFC's not so subtle way to ensure Israel gets title shot, without having the risk of him going through potentially difficult stylistic matchups like Luke Rockhold, Yoel Romero, Jacare, Paulo Costa, or even Wiedman. The UFC definitely plays favorites, and tries to ensure that the more entertaining and charismatic fighters go to the head of the line.

  4. interested to see how Whittaker does in this fight after that war with Romero, he's had a lengthy time to recover which was a smart move, Kelvin has never been in a war like that, but he's about to be. And TBH I've never seen this guy Israel fight b4 I had to look him up, and great story, that's all very inspirational but other than being younger and quicker than Silva, I don't see one thing that could have ppl comparing him to Anderson Silva. Maybe his takedown defense is similar… That's about it.

  5. LOL I don't understand how people think Israel is not an experienced enough fighter or that he's some hype train. Dude's been in over 80 professional kickboxing fights not to mention a ton of amateur fights before going pro. Which means including his 15 MMA fights, he's been in about 100+ fights in his career. He's BEEN fighting for a long time. His transition into MMA has been over the last 3-4 years. That's plenty of time for him to get plenty of experience outside of the UFC mentally and facing all kinds of tough opponents. No doubt he'll be fighting either Jacare, Romero or Rockhold after this fight, assuming he wins.

  6. The UFC is so stupid. Whittaker is fighting the #4 raked middleweight. Dana now says that the winner of
    Israel Adesanya vs Silva gets the next title shot. Adesanya is ranked #6 and Silva is not even in the top 15.
    What about ll of the fighters that have paid their dues and are ranked above them?

  7. Some interesting body language here. Adesanya came off a little cocky with his lines about taking Silva out. During the stand off with Silva, he was looking into Silva's eyes but quickly diverted to looking him up and down as show of confidence, but instead it showed his nervousness and inability to maintain eye contact with his opponent. As the stand off is over, he shakes Silva's hand and turns towards the crowd and lets out the breath of air he was holding in the whole time. Silva on the other hand seamed truly relaxed and humble during both the questions and stand off. This is most likely from his veteran experience.

    When it comes to Whittaker vs Kelvin. Kelvin was throwing cocky light jabs with the responses to the questions while Whitaker was so humble and kind about his opponents abilities. He seams like the type of guy to jump out of a moving car to protect a puppy from getting runned over. Super nice guy. I thought he was kissing Kelvins ass a little too much for a minute with how much he was acknowledging Kelvins power. But that all changed during the stand off. When I saw Whittaker staring into Kelvins eyes the way he did, I felt like my soul would of left my body had I been on the other end of that stare. Whittaker looked like a straight demon possessed monster ready to rip your head off from your shoulders, raise it in the air, and open his gaping mouth to drink the fountain of blood spurting from your dangling head.

    All that being said, it's going to be an interesting night come fight night.

  8. How fake is the UFC? Israel gets a title shot if he beats a #15 guy. Both Gastelum and Whittaker KO this guy in one round. Jacare submits him in 2.5 Minutes. Shameless UFC fuck Dana

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