UFC 232 Recap – My Thoughts On This Amazing Card!

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47 thoughts on “UFC 232 Recap – My Thoughts On This Amazing Card!

  1. The plan was to upload this video yesterday and I did upload it, but it got copyright claimed so I had to re-edit the video, scrap some of the real life fight footage I had in there and replaced them with some gameplay footage. The video is not as good as it was at first but this will do. Enjoy!

  2. I really appreciate Jones' talent but I don't appreciate him using a loophole to avoid the test to get a license. VADA and USADA registered lol. It makes a mockery of the sport and I hope he actually fights clean again since he probably doesn't need it.

    Nunes is the female goat and no one is going to take that away.

  3. I would be happy for jon and he would get my patriotic support but since he wasn’t clean and his still a cheat I can’t be happy with the USADA or the ufc right now. No wonder why he didn’t submit to additional vada testing

  4. i hope in the next update we see Volkanovski, Megan Anderson, and an updated Jones character model. probably a few other things i can’t think of right now lol

  5. Gonna have to disagree with you on the Condit fight. The entire first round was back and forth on the ground, Condit made several great passes and was close to an armbar. If anything the blame is with the fights he's taking, they're all ground specialists and in the case of Chiesa it's someone much bigger than him, someone who could fight at middleweight with no problem.

  6. Man, I never fucking wished I bet on a fight more than I did with Nunes and Cyborg. I fucking called that shit and I didn’t bet on it. I’m kicking myself for that one.

  7. Usada : Jon Jones has now tested positive again for the 10th time.
    Dana White : I don't give a Fuck!
    UFC fans : This is wrong and cheating!
    Jon Jones fans : I love Turinabol in my mouth!

  8. Wow…. Just wow…. Jones is something else I'm totally in aura, he is just simply the best. No one is on his level man how dare I ever think gus is gonna win. I will never disrespect Jones like that again, amazing.

  9. Well done to Jones but I figured that would happen, the cheaters always win.

    Every other fight was amazing, I didn't care about the main event because you already knew who would win.

  10. If jones v dc 3 happens it has to be at heavyweight dc natural weight he’s to drained getting down to 205 and a totally different style match up and there’s different factors can jones go a full 5 with the extra muscle mass and weight and does jones get 1 punch ko power there fight will be more intriguing at heavyweight in my opinion

  11. Jones his fight IQ is very high, complete fighter. Gus showed to be an actually limited fighter by having no backup besides boxing, of course Jones managed the range exquisitely. Gus admitted that his movement was hindered after the groin shot in the 1st round, probably had an existing injury, fight game things happen. Too bad Jones is on roids (a lot of things simply don't add up so i see no reason not to believe this). If not for the whole roid saga there would be no question of Jones being the most badass fighter ever, now he's just a disappointment to me. Love to see him fight but can't stand him otherwise.

    The Cyborg vs Nunes fight had me jump out of my seat out of excitement, insane knockout. Cyborg needs some proper defense though, can't just waddle forward blasting hooks like that.

  12. Martial, I like your videos, but damn dude you can't stop yourself from dick riding Jon Jones. 1 minute and 48 seconds into the video and you compare two other fighters to him already lol. We get it, you like Jones despite that he's a terrible human being.

  13. Of course! A great masterful display from all winners and even losers, BJ Penn was doing a very good job in my opinion, amanda nunes with pin point accuracy and power. And of course jon jones with a fantastic gameplan. Both halls were incredibly composed.

  14. How truth: She knocked Ronda Rousy into an other dimension. WWE is clearly an other dimension since PG.. Why I stoped watching it in 2010. Like UFC changes since USADA xD I give UFC few chances since there lot of talented guys, but when half gets banned because of USADA I might change my mind in few years too. Let them smoke weed if they want (Im thinking of Nick Diaz geting a gogoplata stoned to I dont remember the name) xD Ok, thats more like a joke, but why so pussy with that? Trt Vitor had great fights, even loses while juiced. Same with Brock Lesnar. Came in like Broly, puting on a great show, while loses. Evem had just like 5-3 w/l.. If juiced or not, if u facing a guy hwo has a great gameplan or is known for good reads and spontaniasly counters others, the Bain venom is useless! Great video, great gameplay and great personal review of that amazing card! Now THATS contend! Im hyped af everytime, ur name pops up in my notification!! (:

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