UFC 232 press conference face off

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UFC 232 press conference face off

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20 thoughts on “UFC 232 press conference face off”

  1. Wow, Jones looks mean, got all the white boys shook and hating… looool.. talking bout Jones used to be humble….. da da da daa daa da (Ali drums) "The Champ is here" BWAHAHAH… I love it, made Gus look weak….. as i now know he is…. trying to claim a fake win… sounding just like a youtube commentator… lol… Jones to Gus: "Move out mi light batty bwoy" Gus: "do we really have to go there" 🙁 Bwahahahaha

  2. I get the feeling Jones doesnt like it when an opponent is as tall or taller than him. His ego cant handle it. He likes looking down on his opponents. Bully mentality. Also why he never goes up to heavyweight.

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