UFC 232 Post-Fight Press Conference: Cris Cyborg (FULL)

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Hear everything Cris Cyborg had to say after her first loss in over a decade to Amanda Nunes at the UFC 232 Post-Fight Press Conference from The Forum.

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45 thoughts on “UFC 232 Post-Fight Press Conference: Cris Cyborg (FULL)

  1. Cyborg is right about whether or not Nunes is the goat. Just because a fighter loses, that doesn't mean the goat status switches hands Anderson Silva has lost his title to Weidman so that doesn't automatically make Weidman the goat. Without Cyborg, women's MMA could not be where its at now she was a pioneer

  2. I give credit to anyone who shit talks as much as she did, to lose in spectacular quick fashion as she did, and the way she gave all credit to Nunes and made no excuses…

    Still I was shocked how Nunes made her look bad. Incredible

  3. I lost twice amanda has lost 4 times how she better then me rofl sounds very humble. What a sour piece of garbage. Oh btw the ufc does not do immediate interviews with fighters who just got there heads KTFO this keeps you and the ufc from looking so bad twice in a row.

  4. Look at the difference, for example, at the Cormier's whimper, or at the Ronda Rousey's hissy fit. It is in defeat that a true champion is known. Congratulations, Cris! You are an inspiration for all of us.

  5. This lady cheated and photoshopped Gina caranos face to look like she caused more damage then she really did. The reality is that Gina landed about a 1/3 of the amount of strikes as cyborg and fucked up her face just as bad. Because cyborg is a volume striker. Eventually a power striker was going to get her.

  6. Man! Chris Cyborg truly is one of greatest fighter in history. I didn’t expect anything less from her and I’m still impressed with her ability to handle herself in this… inconvenient situation.
    She’ll be back, harder, better, faster and stronger.

  7. Chris you're the best of all time. Chris you're the best there is, was and always be! (Dana how can Amanda be the G.O.A.T when she has four losses and Chris has two losses. Chris hasn't been defeated in 13 years and Ali held it for 11yrs Ali and he is the G.O.A.T please explain. Dana why can't Chris get a rematch?)

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