UFC 232 full press conference in New York City

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UFC 232 press conference in New York City with Jon Jones, Alexander Gustafsson, Amanda Nunes, Cris Cyborg and UFC president Dana White.

21 thoughts on “UFC 232 full press conference in New York City”

  1. Jon Jones admitted to eye poking and being a snitch in highschool? I know you true MMA fans remember how he is a coke head and got caught for cheating not once but twice! For using steroids. Guess what he is back and his suspension is over. Why because he snitched again and Dana cares more about PPV then the integrity of the sport.

  2. Jones comparing popping for peds 2 times and coke once and hit and run on pregnant chick with (My balls was hot) Jones” I don’t understand what the difference is” fucking sociopath Gus bout to put the hands on jones

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