UFC 231: Max Holloway open workout scrum

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48 thoughts on “UFC 231: Max Holloway open workout scrum

  1. Interviewer: You look gaunt, how you holding up?
    Max: The Best is blessed baby, to be the blessed, you gotta beat the blessed!
    eyes roll back in the head
    Interviewer: ummm do we need 911?
    Max: Youre funny. Haaaa. Haaaa.

  2. So the Chinese guy is recording max hollaway the whole time and about 8:20 he finally asks hollaway his question And suddenly stop recording and than realizes it at 9:10 thank me later lmao troll of the month

  3. I love Max and I believe he is one of, if not the greatest featherweight of all time. He is taking so much criticism for not being able to fight the last 3 times he tried, I think he is going to make it into the octagon no matter what. This could be his downfall, if he's not 100% he thinks he's got to get into the cage regardless. I got Brian in this fight but I still like Max. The best is blessed baby!

  4. I feel that Max is NOT looking good at all. Max's eyes are blurry and he doesnt appear to make much sense (punch drunk) again, like the last time when he was hospitalized. I feel that Max is a better fighter but these are even odds, it appears that a lot of the betters are seeing the same symptoms in Max that I am seeing.

  5. Poor Max, trying hard to speak quick and clear when its obvious he is not 100%. I'm sure he is scared because he may be done for good if he gets hit in the head too many more times while dehydrated like this. Someone protect this man

  6. Guys, I think Max is just a Hawaiian retard and no one is realizing that he's kinda always sounded like this.
    This guy is a crazy good fighter and doesn't seem any more retarded that Ortega, just has that marble mouthed Hawaiian drawl.
    I mean, listen… at about 7:18 he literally says "in my first UFC fight I found out what taxes was……."

  7. Max already won my psychic told my therapist who then told my lawyer and that fucker told my mom during pillow talk while I was hiding in the linen basket out on the Lanai listening to Hawai'i '78 and a mix tape from my English teacher who would now be prosecuted for giving me the gift of togethernezs and the education of slow moves for killa grooves. Kalihi, Nahiku all good and exactly as it should be for my man Unmad Max! Kenny Florian and the Drake thing can not touch the Mana this Hawaii Bradaman has.

    Aloha Max you stay No Ka Oi!
    Cya back on rock

  8. Everyone get off his back. Max isn’t stupid or the people around him. Lockheart, Minton and all of his team won’t jeopardise his health and let him fight if he isn’t healthy enough. He’s nothing like the bisping interview!!

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