UFC 231: Elias Theodorou Won’t Get Medical Cannabis TUE for Fight – MMA Fighting

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Elias Theodorou discusses his need for medical cannabis TUE and why he won’t get a TUE for his UFC 231 fight, his opponent Eryk Anders, and much more.

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32 thoughts on “UFC 231: Elias Theodorou Won’t Get Medical Cannabis TUE for Fight – MMA Fighting”

  1. The Juliana Pena of the Men. Under no circumstances will I listen to or read anything princess says. And he’s getting soft in the middle and hides it like a woman hiding stretch marks. You know that bugs him, he’s 100% narcissistic. 🤣 #thefatringgirl

  2. Call me casual fan, but I never seen this dude fight. Only seen his tweeting just about every 10 seconds on a fight night. That’s how i know of him actually.

  3. WTF? This fool is basically like the new Matt Riddle. Is he honestly trying to make some argument that he needs weed before the fight?

    They need to cut him already. He's an idiot.

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