UFC 230 Results & Review | FIGHTFUL MMA PODCAST| Daniel Cormier vs. Derrick Lewis

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Sean Ross Sapp and James Lynch bring you a live stream of the UFC 230 post-show at FightfulMMA.com!

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6 thoughts on “UFC 230 Results & Review | FIGHTFUL MMA PODCAST| Daniel Cormier vs. Derrick Lewis”

  1. That Jacare TKO got me to jump up out of my seat, so happy for the dude. I remember when I first got into MMA, he was all over the magazines doing ads for Tatami, Venum, you name it. This was before he had even started training MMA, was still dominating the ADCC and WBJJC. Total OG.

  2. On Israel, I havent gotten feelings like that since Jon Jones was coming up. (nothing to do with their similar appearance)
    That ability to disengaged off the cage is VERY promising. We might have witness a glimpse of a fully formed Sprawl and Brawl game. Im super intrigued by Israel vs Jacare. maybe too much too early, but i dont think so. Israel's accuracy and distance management is fucking scary.

    Why didnt Lewis throw more? His gameplan should've been one round of feints and bombs. Get DC to overreact and keep him back. Use the reach advantage. I dont understand why Lewis is so allergic to a simple jab. Not saying he was gonna win, but, you gotta use your puncher's chance.

    Jacare's pace is a handful for anyone. His style is like a better version of Glover's. More leg kicks. He can be pretty sure that most wont try to take him down. I feel like Jacare's asset will fit well at King's MMA with Rafael.

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