UFC 230 Post Fight Press Conference – Live Stream – MMA Fighting

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22 thoughts on “UFC 230 Post Fight Press Conference – Live Stream – MMA Fighting”

  1. – T ferg vs khabib, Romero vs paula costa, askren or twood vs Covington, adasanya vs anderson Silva, o malley vs anyone make that card ufc I'll buy that ppv from each tv in my house.

  2. Iseral is the uncrowned king… he would destroy everyone then bump down or up in weight and destroy there as well. psh the best current. he is pound for pound. better hope he dont go to 170. twitter:MikeM385

  3. DC… when he walked in he was in perfect health, and i promise you if DC could fight brock tomorrow.. he would and could. i bet he's not even tired today, well granted after waking up and stretching haha everyone needs that.

  4. I have been a big fan of Chris Weidman since he beat Anderson. That being said, my hat is off to Jacare for an amazing performance and showing a lot of class by not inflicting more damage on Chris after he was rocked

  5. Did Derrick really believe this was only DC’s second heavyweight fight? Did he not watch any tape on DC’s old Strikeforce and WEC fights? That shows his coaches did not properly prepare Lewis for this fight in my eyes.

  6. Im not one of the biggest DC fans, but I do give credit where credit is do, hes a great fighter..When there is only one fighter in the world that can beat you, and that just happens to be the GOAT, Jon Jones, you're obviously a great fighter, but…Im sorry, to be a fighter that has not 1, but 2 belts towards the end of ur career, a win against a slow, one dimensional fighter in Derrick Lewis does ABSOLUTELY NOTHING for DC's career, legacy or anything, and on short notice??? Come on now, im sure even DC knows that win means NOTHING, and another easy one against a deflated, post steroided Brock Lesnar will mean ABSOLUTELY NOTHING also…DC will retire knowing in his heart and his mind that there will always be an asterisk next to his name…*Jon Jones is to DC what Chuck Liddel will always be to Tito Ortiz..You're a Great fighter DC, but, this is a lousy way to go out, against 2 walk in the park opponents

  7. Conor better win. If he loses, he will be 1 and 3 in his last 4 MMA fights. Also, some will say the first fight was Aldo just getting caught. Then Conor's next fights may be Ferguson, Lee, and Khabib again. If Ortega moves up, he's a problem as well. Holloway may also more up. There are no easy fights for Conor.

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