UFC 230 Aussie & Fancy Breakdown

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The UFC heads back to MSG, let us know your picks!!

Eubanks/Modafferi – 00:41
Brunson/Adesanya – 08:48
Roberson/Marshman – 14:42
Branch/Cannonier – 19:37
Weidman/Souza – 27:53
Cormier/Lewis – 34:22

20 thoughts on “UFC 230 Aussie & Fancy Breakdown”

  1. Guys, just go ahead and block the comments. This is ridiculous, I'm looking at some of the most scummy comments that have nothing to do with fight breakdowns, and these assholes are being rewarded by it with up votes. Disgusting. The majority of these commenters should be ashamed of themselves.

  2. Definitely most interested in the Brunson-Adesanya fight tonight. Brunson has all the tools to be a champion imo but it seems he never puts it all together perfectly. And stylebender is a huge threat to capitalize on Brunson’s weaknesses.

  3. Laura seems to be acting a tad different now that she's been rubbing elbows with the big wigs fox is out soon.. Jan 1st. Can't deny the fact I would let her sit on my face all day. "I don't give a ballox"

  4. I really love Aussie and Fancie's breakdowns of MMA fights. They are funny, inciteful and intelligent; although I must be honest and say that most of their videos my mind is coming up with different kinky 3 way, sexual, steamy positions I would like to put them into, REPEATEDLY. 🙂 Fancy strikes me as a woman you would have to make sweet, gentle passionate love to; while Aussie strikes me a woman who enjoys a good, hard, rough horse fu*king. (Excuse my french) These polar opposites would make for the perfect 3-way scenario. TRUST ME. 🙂

  5. How about an Aussie and Fancy fuckdown!? Mr.Anderson with a strap-on could easily slide as a man, with the full sleeved man arms and her hair up like that could pass for a man bun. Needless to say Laura needs a sex tape for her journalistic profile

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