UFC 228 ‘Woodley Vs. Till’ Post-Fight Show

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Flyin’ Brian J recaps all of the action that went down at UFC 228 in Dallas, Texas. The fight card was headlined Tyron Woodley putting his UFC Welterweight Championship on the line against Darren Till.

This post-fight show is aimed at recapping all of the action from this event with the live viewer serving as the co-host. We go over post-fight ratings, talk about technique, discuss WTF moments from the card, and give out pretend bonuses.

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39 thoughts on “UFC 228 ‘Woodley Vs. Till’ Post-Fight Show”

  1. Zane should have come on with you at the start of the show and do a little handover thing.. or at least an explanation that it's moving format. Haha they kinda left you hanging. I enjoyed the show!

  2. Do you think Andrade will beat Rose? I personally think she'll destroy her and manhandle her at will. She might not be able to land one of those hooks and finish early but if not I think she'll just rag doll her and control her on the ground. What's your thoughts? MMA math says Rose outstruck JJ so she'll dominate Andrade but I don't think Rose can stop the takedowns.. And fook MMA math.

  3. No Zane, no Connor, or Phill or at least Eddie. No watch. For the new guy, man. At least acknowledge that you area not Zane and explain the situation, don't try to open with "please subscribe" and let me tentatively read from speck sheet our list of website. Are you kidding me? You got to earn your stripes my friend. So far this is terrible compared to 6th round. Zane actually had some insights, this is just reading of wikipedia speck sheet who won or lost.

  4. You can’t just switch up a format with no warning/explanation and expect long time listeners to accept that, even if you are good. I’m sure you are a nice guy and mean well but the pure arrogance of this decision from higher ups immediately triggers me into not giving you any chance

  5. Watched it till the end to give you a try.
    Play by play aspect was nice, original 6th to round really lacked it.
    Pauses were a mood-killer – I've had to the phone several times during the show to make sure my internet didn't freeze.
    Your analysis of 228 was good, but the future events segment wasn't really necessary.

    Overall a nice show but you still have a mighty big shoes to fill to replace Eddie and Zane.

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