UFC 228 Results: Tyron Woodley vs. Darren Till | Post-Fight Special | Luke Thomas

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At UFC 228, Tyron Woodley fought Darren Till for the UFC welterweight championship…

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Elsewhere on the fight card, Karolina Kowalkiewicz battled in the co-main event that didn’t last very long. Zabit Magomedsharipov scored the second Suloev Stretch submission of the night, getting past Brandon Davis. Jimmie Rivera and John Dodson fought to a lackluster decision while Abdul Razak Alhassan knocked out Niko Price in under a minute.

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23 thoughts on “UFC 228 Results: Tyron Woodley vs. Darren Till | Post-Fight Special | Luke Thomas”

  1. If Reebook really gave a damn about the UFC, and did not treat it and its fighters like another acquisition for its portfolio, they would "fire" Dana White, and bring back those fighters who helped make the UFC in an "ambassador" role, or maybe even let them slug it out if there still up to it, and last but not least, as I have just stated, if the UFC is to grow, it has to have a President that sees the big picture, understands the mindset of "all" of its fighters, and I think that a guy like Mighty Mouse would be the blueprint UFC President, or someone of that intelligence, and not a "fan boy" like D White.

  2. How does this troglodyte still have a show? He ruined both the MMA Hour and Beat…
    But I guess you've limited options with a… PHILOSOPHY degree! Parents must be proud.
    [Incredulous Cormier Face]

  3. Have you been to Lebanon, I wished I knew I would've loved to have asked you some questions in person ( that is if you talk to random stranger mma fans and martial artists :p )

  4. Get your own Jamie and make him edit and put your content up. Just pay him like crap and make him get you coffee etc. I'll bet someone would offer to do it for free to start off. Make on of the interns do it.

  5. $65 is crazy. 50 at most for such rigged scraps. After that DJ robbery I'll never buy an event again. Fuck that. UFC is so clearly rigging fights more now than ever. It's crazy. They were going to rig it if Woodley didn't get the ko.

  6. Being fighter with a high fight IQ might get you an improved chance of a UFC belt around your waist and a chance to defend it. Being a exciting fighter might get you an increased chance of a ID bracelet around your wrist in a dementia ward in a nursing home and poor chance to live a normal/independent life after 60-65 years old. Easy choice. Great performance Tyron!! Fingers crossed for an early turn-around in November. I'm in for that.

  7. ..theyve gotta do something about these unbalanced matchups with the women's class. where Suarez & Andrade, clearly have the muscle & bone structure of men, just happen to have vag..then girly Karolina, Carla, etc. basically got thrashed by guys of the same weight, but much more muscle & bone weight, more powerful, heavy shots. no contest, its a boy vs girl. its fvkd up.

  8. What makes Woodley most dangerous now is his fight IQ. He has that analytical Dominick Cruz mind, combined with a super athlete body. Earlier in his career he was vulnerable, but now he's about as solid a fighter as they come.

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