UFC 228: Diego Sanchez Says Craig White Did Him ‘A Favor’ By Kissing Him On The Nose – MMA Fighting

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After his big win at UFC 228, Diego Sanchez discusses his impressive win over Craig White, White kissing him on the nose at weigh-ins, everything going on with JacksonWink MMA, his future and much more.

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34 thoughts on “UFC 228: Diego Sanchez Says Craig White Did Him ‘A Favor’ By Kissing Him On The Nose – MMA Fighting”

  1. Can't believe they bury him in FightPass prelims. Just out of respect they should always have him on the main card if not at least headlining the prelims. Respect to Diego.

  2. I think it would be a good idea that you can’t step into the octagon heavier than the next weightclass. So if you are a lightweight don’t weigh over 170lbs , when a welterweight not over 185, and so on.

  3. People keep thinking Diego is a beast after he mauled Craig White. Let's remember that Craig White works a full-time Financial Analyst role, and still wobbled Diego with an up-kick, and knocked him down with a shot in the 3rd. No one noticed it because he immediately went for a TD which the English are notorious for not being able to defend

  4. I only watched a couple minutes, but the dude Sanchez, second most hit in the head of all UFC fighters, still talks pretty good, seems intellegent as far as fighters
    go, definately not dumb, but maybe its one of those things, as soon as he stops, the head trauma start showing. Hopefully not but! I hope they have a pension for this warrior.

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