UFC 228: Darren Till post-fight interview

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UFC 228: Darren Till post-fight interview

49 thoughts on “UFC 228: Darren Till post-fight interview

  1. Theres a problem with fighters both in MMA and boxing today, talking themselves up about being the "greatest," lose emphatically, then chat all that garbage again right after the loss. Stop the talking and DO the fucking walking. This dude will get murked moving to middleweight and isn't anywhere as good as he makes out to be. As an ex fighter I have the utmost respect but even the fight games full jumped up "fame chasers".

  2. 25. In-experience cost him. It's how someone comes back from defeat that shows what they are made of. He had one style that's worked for him so far. But's predictable and readable to a super-intelligent fighter like Woodley. The fake right and then the left.

    It was always a hole but after the distance control he showed to keep out of of danger against Wonderboy, I'd thought he's be even more strategic keeping out of the way of even more power right hand of Woodley.

    Complacency and inexperience. He needs to add a lot more to his game. Similar to Conor.

  3. T Wood handled his business proved everybody wrong derailed the hype train and it was completely and utterly classless of dana white to up and leave the event after the fight didn't work out like he wanted that is such a bias action

  4. Stop making excuses T Wood is just way better than you. He did not fear you and you did get finished.. You tapped..If yall fight again he will knock you out. You are a good fighter but you are not a great fighter..T Wood is a GREAT fighter.

  5. I think Till is still dazed ; saying all the greats have lost. Jones has not lost and he's no where near as good as those fighters. As a matter of fact he did nothing spectacular in that fight.

  6. Big Till fan and I did have him winning etc. but…. Jon jones haven't lost. He has a disqualification for illegal elbow… so technically he has lost but even more technically he hasn't…

  7. Till is hurt mentally by this fight. Bruh said Woodley was not better than him…. bruh Till got smacked, looked like he got out classed and thought his confidence was enough to beat everyone.

  8. Till has a very hard road ahead of him. The top 3 at 170 will beat him. Wonderboy, Usman, Covington, and of course the champ. At 185, he gets it from Romero, Weidman, Rockhold, Kelvin, Adesanya, and of course the champ. Till"s biggest problem is that he thinks he's miles ahead of where he actually is. This amount of overconfidence makes it difficult for Till to honestly evaluate his weaknesses and become the fighter he needs to be to navigate this treacherous terrain.

  9. Hey guys : He knew it was till thus calling him Gorilla. (Gorilla is the fight nickname of Till )

    Keep being white cucks and pretending that Snoop thought it was Colby or even Hitler if that helps you sleeping at night.

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