UFC 226 Post-Fight Show – MMA Fighting

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MMA Fighting’s Shaun Al-Shatti and Luke Thomas break down the top storylines coming out of UFC 226.

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34 thoughts on “UFC 226 Post-Fight Show – MMA Fighting”

  1. How is D.C. Not the greatest yea gsp avenged his losses and got a belt in 2 divisions but D.C. Only lost to a cheater and he is doing this in heavyweight and light heavyweight…….I think D.C. Is the greatest and gsp number 2 they both defended there belts many times dc lost to one cheater….idk I think dc is the goat right now

  2. dc always sounds like a whining teenager when he lost to jones and his frown almost crying during rogans intervue solidifies it. bottom line jones will always beat pudgy dc. 10 out of 10 times . unless dc beats jones , jones is the Goat. hey you dont have to like it .

  3. i guess the safe route is to take a somewhat pre-planned Brock fight just for the rubes & cash out, but..well yea this proves to me D.C. is a true heavyweight, not like Jon can come up there, so that's that. & by Stipe beating the likes of Overeem and Ngannou so fiercely, then D.C. does the same to him, that hierarchy took D.C. to another level with this win. but if I'm D.C., I do Jon III, then Brock.

  4. Ariel was great, but since Luke took over all their content got waaay better. I always preferred Luke`s analysis and view on things, and im glad he took lead on all off MMAfighting`s shows.

  5. Luke Thomas is a Social Justice Warrior who practices identity politics. He is often stuck on Amtrak and complains about it. And was afraid to confront Colby Covington on his Trump support but will use his platform to bash Trump on here. RIP Bryan Callen.

  6. DC surpasses gsp. I am sorry but he had to beat a prime Stipe while gsp had to beat an end of the road bisping. DC fought in the stacked light heavyweight division and is the baddest dude on the planet. His only loss was that freak Jon jones. GSP is a close second but DC is the goat!

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