UFC 226: Miocic vs. Cormier 6th Round post-fight show

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Zane Simon and Eddie Mercado of http://BloodyElbow.com are back to recap all the action from tonight’s UFC PPV in Las Vegas, NV. With results, hot takes, and potential next bouts for every fight on the card.

9 thoughts on “UFC 226: Miocic vs. Cormier 6th Round post-fight show”

  1. UFC 226. The night the MMA jumped the shark. From an obviously faked fight to Daniel Cormier and Brock Lesnar in a fake confrontation….MMA has just died a death worthy of Toney “Cringe” Ferguson himself.

  2. After the TUF finale and UFC 225 I thought the UFC had lost its capacity to entertain me. (Seriously, why on earth was 225 getting praised? What the heck were you guys watching? It was terrible!) Happily this main card… well, most of this card… was great. Heck, even the token bad fight (and what a bad fight it was!) was at least memorable, albeit for the wrong reasons. Really enjoyed this one.

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