UFC 226: Daniel Cormier Post-Fight Press Conference – MMA Fighting

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Daniel Cormier speaks to the media at UFC 226 about his knockout win over Stipe Miocic, becoming the UFC heavyweight champion, fighting Brock Lesnar, his legacy and career, and much more.

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29 thoughts on “UFC 226: Daniel Cormier Post-Fight Press Conference – MMA Fighting”

  1. i love DC and in no way is this a shot at him, but man, UFC need to get some of those PRIDE gloves with the curved fingers to stop intentional/accidental eye pokes

  2. DC is goat in my opinion, he trumps Mighty mouse because of the two weight champion. he trumps gsp because of the quality of win over the 2nd belt that he got. Bisping is a true champ, but felt Stipe was on a tear and DC stopped him.  If DC defends either belt one more time, I'd give him the nod. if he defends both belts, then he is goat. JBJ is not in the picture because he has an * and he won the LWH only.

  3. Who cares if the Brock exchange was fake. If the talking if fake whatever, im down for a scripted verbal exchange. But the fighting is real, the competition is real. That's what's important. That knockout of Stipe was real. I like this whole thing, give me scripted fake conflict out side the cage and a real inside cage fight and Im sold.

  4. You are a lucky man…. Nice cheating moves.. FLICKING YOUR FINGER IN HIS EYE. You were soooo close to getting knocked out… Stipe broke a world record.. Break his record… TRY. you got lucky… nothing more. nothing less.. you almost got knocked out I seen you TIRED SWAYING SIDE TO SIDE. Lucky…. real lucky.

  5. See that bandage on his arm, that's called a drug test!!!!! Something Jones can't pass since USADA took over oh wait nvm yes he did in the fight vs ovince and u see how AVERAGE he looked in that fight nothing special about him. Jones is the biggest disappointment in UFC history

  6. DC says wont fight certain guys bc he can't make any money and there not a draw. Doesnt that mean that he isn't a draw either then. Sounds like he just wants to ride the coat tails

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