UFC 225: Megan Anderson pre-fight interview

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UFC women’s featherweight contender Megan Anderson sat down with MMAjunkie ahead of Saturday’s UFC 225 event in Chicago.

50 thoughts on “UFC 225: Megan Anderson pre-fight interview

  1. The shit she "never wants to talk about" is her shady illegal failed green card marriage which was rejected by immigration and thus her visa was denied. Daddy Dana took care of it.

  2. Her last 2 wins were against not so good fighters, and she lost to Cindy Dandios. If I were to bet on any fight, I'm betting this girl will lose against a girl who is fresh off a fight that won the first 2 rounds against Cyborg. She's in over her head against Holly.

  3. If I was that dude I would feel really shit looking like that around all those fit people. But hey he can always say he has a thyroid issue like everyone else who is lazy 😛

  4. I guess I'm kinda on the fence about Megan..never heard of her until now. But I'm getting sense they she's going to be no match for Holly. When I saw her and Holly face off the other day I saw the realization set in Megans eyes ,her body language etc, she's like damn I hope this isn't as bad as I see it going. I don't even want to think about the fight and just enjoy the rest of this experience while it last cause after Holly beats the shit out me the ufc is probably never going to have anything to do with me again..that's exactly the message I got. But Megans a big tall girl. If she has any skills at all she should give Holly a tough match..Megan is huge. So is Holly tho. After going 5 rds with Cyborg holly mayve leveled up. That'd be cool for her and her team. I'm sure Holly will win..

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