UFC 225: Holly Holm Post-Fight Press Conference – MMA Fighting

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Holly Holm speaks to the media at UFC 225 about her decision win over Megan Anderson, potential fights with Cris Cyborg and Amanda Nunes, and much more.

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32 thoughts on “UFC 225: Holly Holm Post-Fight Press Conference – MMA Fighting”

  1. Megan was all hype, all talk. How was she gonna handle cyborg when she can’t even handle holly. 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️😂😂😂

  2. I was fortunate enough to be sitting ringside at the united center last night and I saw something different about Holly. She is still improving. It's amazing to watch. We love her here in Chicago. Shout out to Izzy, an absolute beast of a wrestling coach.

  3. Holly is bae 😍 . Of course she’s not the prettiest, she gets punched for a living, but her body is on point, her personality, and she is such an ass kicker . My ufc crush <3 fuck the haters

  4. Megan looked very big in the octagon, she looked like she was close to her actual weigh about 170 lbs. Holly game was strong she stopped the hype Megan had no answer for her. This was a good win for Holly can't wait to see who is next for her.

  5. It's great to see a classy fighter in the UFC. I'm not sure why fighters think they have to act like drunken sailors to market themselves. Holly is a class act, compliments everyone, humble, and a great fighter to watch. I wish more fighters relied on marketing their skills, not immature rants and outbursts.

  6. I like Holly because win or lose she’s not afraid to fight anybody. She’s been in there with just about everybody, and ready to fight anybody else in the game

  7. always liked HH, she has a great chance to win the belt back and deal w Shevchenko again… I feel like these 2 are the best 2 all round fighter/athletes/physical spec in that division . hope they do nunez/cyborg first tho … if HH takes the belt then we'll never see it.

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