UFC: 225 Curtis Blaydes Finishes Alistair Overeem

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28 thoughts on “UFC: 225 Curtis Blaydes Finishes Alistair Overeem”

  1. I don't give a fuck what any one says ..Alistair need to go back to ubereem status bcuz this new lighter Alistair isnt cutting it.. when he was huge even tho he lost some .. he owned everyone for atleast the first round.. this lighter version is pathetic n i dont like his new style.. he is frail..n weak.. n always running away.. i would rather get poped by USADA than get keep getting fucking humiliated by fighter i should have beaten . Smh damit man .

  2. Pure snuff…Getting sliced up while being knocked unconscious…Alistair should stop this immediately, go to Bellator, inject some horsestuff and retire after 2 or 3 fights!

  3. Anyone else see the problem here..? One of these days Overeem isn't going to get up and the UFC won't give two shits. I want to see CT scans. I want MRI's mapping the dead brain cells of these fighters. A full neurological and prognosis from an independent agency. Fighters like Overeem will be dead in 10yrs if MMA promotions stay on their present course.

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