UFC 224: Should Pennington’s Corner Stopped the Fight?!? – Trail Rant

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Should Pennington’s corner have stopped the fight, or should we give her corner the benefit of the doubt?


7 thoughts on “UFC 224: Should Pennington’s Corner Stopped the Fight?!? – Trail Rant”

  1. Honestly I'm really just tired of hearing about women's MMA and dragging them along as a "main event"…all most likely because the UFC is simply greedy and wants that family/female audience. Listen I'm no misogynist, start the WUFC and put them there like any other professional sports organization would, they can fight all they want. But the UFC won't do that because they know nobody would watch, even other women. Just look at the WNBA… who in their right mind finds that entertaining? To the point they'll turn off the NBA for it? No woman wants to watch the WNBA that's a fact.

    The real nail in the coffin was that Reebok deal tho, the whole UFC just feels so corny now that they left a space wide open for Bellator and other organizations to do it right. Although so far they're all scared to be original and just follow the UFC formula to the T. All these organizations are trying to remove the 'fight' part of MMA and make it solely a sport and that's where they lose my interest.

  2. Bad like ratio. I couldn't listen to this on earphones due to the incessant hissing, so I have no view in the video content-maybe I'm not the only person to give up.

  3. I like seeing coaches throw in the towel. Richard Perez threw in the towel for Nate Diaz when he fought Josh Thompson, and Trevor Whitman threw in the tower for Nate Marquardt after fighting Gastelum. Can't remember many others

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