UFC 224 Breakdown, Leslie Smith In-Studio | Ep. 78 Podcast | BELOW THE BELT with Brendan Schaub

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Leslie Smith joins Brendan in-studio to discuss her controversial release from the UFC, fighting for fighter’s rights/pay and the next moves for Project Spearhead. Brendan breaks down/makes picks for UFC 224, recaps GGG vs Martirosyan, previews Lomachenko vs Linares and talks breaking MMA & boxing events/news, answers fan questions and much more.


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BELOW THE BELT explores the intersection of combat sports and pop culture through the eyes of former fighter, comedian and red carpet host Brendan Schaub. The program discusses the latest news in combat sports and pop culture, with Schaub delivering candid thoughts in his unique and unfiltered style. Below the Belt features interviews with the biggest names in combat sports and entertainment, road trips, fight camp visits, sketches, animation and pop-culture spoofs.

32 thoughts on “UFC 224 Breakdown, Leslie Smith In-Studio | Ep. 78 Podcast | BELOW THE BELT with Brendan Schaub”

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  2. His lack of boxing knowledge is irritating. He never brings up that Jacobs didn't make weight on purpose so he could attempt to walk GGG down. If your gonna put in your 2 cents about something at least be factual…..

  3. The fact that he dedicates a segment of this show to talk about the ins and outs of the colby comment to joe rogan shows how unaware of marketing this dude is.

  4. Interesting to see her extremely cheerful after crying in the end of Luke Thomas' interview after she got cut from the UFC.

    Blonde too. I don't think she's forcing it but it's the first time I see her so excited.

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