UFC 223: Joanna Jedrzejczyk Post-Fight Press Conference – MMA Fighting

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Joanna Jedrzejczyk speaks to the media at UFC 223 about her decision loss to Rose Namajunas, why she believes she won, what’s next for her career, and much more.

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48 thoughts on “UFC 223: Joanna Jedrzejczyk Post-Fight Press Conference – MMA Fighting”

  1. Did she lose her sponsorship with Body Armor and Monster now that she lost the championship and couldn’t regain it? It was weird that she set the drinks on the floor

  2. Her style is played out now. Too predictable & stiff. Rose is the down to earth role model champ. Yohanna Youngjaycheck’s career is over. Go back to Poland. Bye. ✋

  3. the judges notice a marked up face way more then bruises on somebodys legs. shes wearin those big sunglasses for reasons other then hidin tears. the judges got this 1 right. 49-46. joanna shud prolly reset her career and fight a top 5 contender at 125 cuz thug rose got her number.

  4. This girl over here saying she won while she’s wiping away tears and blood from her nose, girl if you don’t take your ass to the hospital… lol.

  5. I'm a Joanna fan because of her work ethic, fighting skils, cardio prep, and warrior spirit. She is not a good loser though. Rose won this one but not 49-46. Very close fight with Rose winning for 1 round margin. I have to say i think Rose is better than Joanna because she manages to stay calm and she has great timing, speed, power and accuracy with her hands. Joanna is better well rounded and great technician but lacks accuracy and power with her hands. I think she had to throw more kicks to body and head rather than just rose's left leg.

  6. and this is why Rose is the champ. she's still convinced the ko was just a flook and doesn't realize winning 3/5 rounds matters more than throwing more shots.

    also lets be clear even though she landed more she definitely took more damage. keep those sunglasses on for a couple days.

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