UFC 213: Champ Nunes Talks Shevchenko Rematch; Says GDR Should Have Fought Cyborg

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MMA H.E.A.T.’s Karyn Bryant was at the UFC 213 media day in Los Angeles where she caught up with UFC Bantamweight Champ Amanda Nunes in advance of her title defense rematch with Valentina Shevchenko. Amanda talks about Valentina’s claim that she would have won the first fight if there were more rounds, headlining International Fight Week two times in a row and the UFC’s decision to strip Featherweight Champ Germaine DeRandamie of her title for declining to fight Cristiane “Cyborg” Santos.

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41 thoughts on “UFC 213: Champ Nunes Talks Shevchenko Rematch; Says GDR Should Have Fought Cyborg

  1. 5 rounds? Bitch please. Valentina is going to destroy you. You couldn't even tap her in your first fight and you hardly touched her on the feet. #ANDNEW P.S you're a UFC reporter? it's CYBORG VS TONYA EVINGER not Tonya Harding

  2. Shes a carpet cleaner,and she has no class I hope she loose the belt, she doesent deserve the belt, the last fight Valentina was juced, but this time she gonna loose the belt, she suppose to loose the belt the last fight!!!No fucken class!! We need a champ with some class!!!!!

  3. ah quit about the looks you guys… it's not a beauty contest… it's who's a good fighter… Amanda is great – has all the skill sets but debatable gas tank… Valentina is less powerful but can take heavy shots and is like a machine… she has a good chance but it might be close…

  4. Gdr should've fought Cyborg yet she dropped all claims of trying to go up for a second belt when she realized she would have to face Cyborg for it.

  5. Amanda Nunes is scared to death of Cyborg but Cyborg is a bigger woman too.. I really like Valentina Shevchenko but I think Nunes will win,..
    I would say Shevchenko VS Rousey would be a more even match

  6. why so much thumb downs. just because the girl is confident she's gonna bash idol blonde. Reading the comment section, man there are alot of racist honky's in ufc. Especially since she K'Oed ronda,miesha, etc. Then they rightouesly cheer for another brazilian (Cyborg) to take the head off another non-white opponent. But when cyborg wants to take the head off of typical white blonde fighters, the fans bash her as a druggy user.

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