UFC 211: Weigh-in Recap

Watch the highlights from the UFC 211 Weigh-in in this recap hosted by UFC correspondent Megan Olivi. Stipe Miocic, Junior Dos Santos, Joanna Jedrzejczyk and Jessica Andrade weigh in and talk one last time before UFC 211.

34 thoughts on “UFC 211: Weigh-in Recap

  1. Jessica looks like that type of lesbian that plays the girl part of the relationship. She gets penetrated. Joanna looks like the type of girl, if she were a lesbian, that would be fucking another girl with a strap-on. Joanna is the penetrator, Jessica is the penetratee. Joanna wins the fight.

  2. joanna is a savage damn, she's getting to Conor's level of antics soon enough, next thing u know she's spitting insults left right and centre then throwing chairs across the room lol

  3. Watch this fihter again n 2027.

    This fighter is world famous and already a legend in the martial arts world.
    Did a campaign for UFC and is in China compared with Bruce Lee.
    Major Hollywood Movie bosses fighting each other to get this fighter for there blockbuster films. This fighter did also a few films and a TV-serie (Into The Badlands)
    This fighter beaten thousends of oppenents in M.A – MMA and got 283 Champion titles, incl 21 as World Champion.

    (Click on the description / reaction button below he photo for the videos)

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