UFC 211: The Matchup – Demian Maia vs Jorge Masvidal

Demian Maia and Jorge Masvidal meet in a welterweight showdown at UFC 211 this Saturday. See how they match up.

39 thoughts on “UFC 211: The Matchup – Demian Maia vs Jorge Masvidal

  1. I usually have an opinion on who I think will win but not here- both of these fighters bring a lot to the table. If I had to pick- Id say Masvidal only because he's younger and a KO artist who is likely well trained enough to have good odds at keeping it standing as nobody wants to go to the ground with Maia.

  2. Fuck man I like them both gonna be hard to watch. Wish them both good luck, good to see Masvidal recognizes the level of talent that Maia brings with is jiu jitsu.

  3. if jorge beats maia than my hats off to jorge because he beat a worn out cowboy… not to take ANYTHING away from the guy, but lets see him fight arguably one of the best (and probably thee best) ground fighter in the UFC… Maia was able to stop a who's who throughout his professional career, lets see if he can do it again or end up the way he did against Nate The Great… either way it goes… its wicked fight… a classic grappler vs striker match-up

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