UFC 211: Post-fight Press Conference

Watch the UFC 211 post-fight press conference live following the event.

33 thoughts on “UFC 211: Post-fight Press Conference

  1. Joanna jed english improved show how smart she is, wayyy smarter than ronda..n classy too! hope she build her brand n become bigger but not loose focus, go jojed!

  2. this must be the. make the fighters cry at a press conference day. lol.. but this its good to see and hear their stories. cuz thats what is missing in the UFC. we want to see their human side to.

  3. Did that Airial or whatever really ask that question to Frankie?? WTF is that guy just the biggest dick in mma? what does a traggic event have to do with this press conference, what if Nick was watching and that nob head just brings it all up again? They need to kick this prick out, Dana was right.

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