UFC 211: Post-fight Press Conference Highlights

Check out the highlights from the UFC 211 Post-fight Press Conference.

40 thoughts on “UFC 211: Post-fight Press Conference Highlights

  1. War ARIEL "ALL THE TEARS" HELL-WANI, if you haven't cried in an interview then you're taking everything he works for, he's gonna interview YOUR ASS. You know who's the real money interview, motherfuckers.

  2. UFC was born in a tentative to replicate a real fight. Keep this in your mind when you criticize Maia. In fact in a real fight situation there would not be 5minutes rounds to save you or your fighter when Maia get your back.

  3. if i didn't train jiu jitsu i'd prolly think maia was boring as fuck. but i do, and he's my personal hero. i think you have to have some training to appreciate how easy and efficient he makes everything look

  4. how did Joanna not get a bonus? This bonus system is dumb as fuck. There should be a straight out finish bonus in the ufc, not including the fotn and performance bonuses which should be separate

  5. Also Damian looked very good in the fight, but I think Masvidal looked very good too. Not a lot of people can defend a Maia takedown. Give him wonder boy or condit.

  6. "its a big mistake to try and please everybody". Demian maia, this is why you could be a great champ. everyone trying to take the spotlight these days and make money, demian maia just in it to win. respect.

  7. Respect to Rashad Coulter for taking the fight at short notice and taking all of those leg kicks! That guys got heart, he was out on his feet and still swinging! Great show!

  8. If you think Demian Maia is boring then you're not a fan of MMA. Dude is such a master at bjj he could choke you out with his toes.
    Every fighter knows what to expect, and still have no answer.

  9. I think the winner of Werdum vs Overeem should face Cain Velasquez, and then the winner of that face Stipe. Werdum and Overeem both only have one fight each since being knocked out by Miocic. And think about it this way, if it was Conor that got 1st round KO's over two of his opponents, those guys would never get another shot. And the wins are only over Mark Hunt and Travis Browne (and not the Pre-GFC Travis) neither Werdum nor Overeem deserve a title shot yet. Either that or Stipe just wait it out until the fall when Cain gets back, that would probably be ideal. Stipe's best chance of beating Cain is getting him on his first fight back.

  10. demian maia is goat cause fighters know EXACTLY what he is trying to do. Like even maia said that all he wants to do is take you down and use his bjj yet no fighter has found a way to win lol. 7 FIGHT win streak and all 7 fights look exactly the same

  11. People that saying Maia are boring aren't completely wrong, I agree with them partially, if you appreciate ju jitsu it is beautiful but what IS boring are his repetitive takedowns that are weak af. Sometimes switch it up

  12. If you plan to take your family as a motivation you have to be sure to use that mentality to achieve a certain amount of courage, to avoid such situations. I hope that Jr will return with a solid victory in his next fight. Besides who speaks Portuguese, English and Spanish as well in the UFC these days

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