UFC 211: Open Workout Highlights

Check out the highlights from the UFC 211 open workouts in Dallas, Texas.

40 thoughts on “UFC 211: Open Workout Highlights

  1. 1-joanna 'i am very happy to..' ,
    2-but she trying too hard to liked by fans, in ultimate fighter i kinda disliked her bully mentality.
    3- the way she bullies (not this time though) her opponents is not cool,i kinda like her but she is becoming 'arrogant' ,needs an eye opener this time.

  2. Anyone remember when Megan olivi would come on here and talk about how much she loved black cocks and all the things she did with the fighters after the interviews?

  3. And we see an underprivileged Brazilian heavyweight who never finished high school speaking more intelligible English than his American opponent.

    And you wonder what went wrong with the American education system under the Clinton/Bush/Obama administrations.

    Hopefully Trump fixes this nonsense. #InPepeWeTrust

  4. Jessica vs JJ will be fight of the night.
    Mad respect for Jessica, at 5 '2. Gains weight in the worst way possible to fight top prospect for UFC bantamweight divisions. Wins gets recruited but has to fight girls who cut to 135.
    A girl so humble even JJ finds it hard to talk smack.

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