UFC 211: Media Day Faceoffs

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Check out the faceoffs from UFC 211 media day in Dallas!

48 thoughts on “UFC 211: Media Day Faceoffs

  1. is it just me or does jessica andrade have a brow??!!!?? only men have brows, hence why you can tell a female scull from a male, thats anthropology 101, i wanna see that dudes birth certificate!!!

  2. Seriously? WME-IMG doesn't even have enough money to hire a guy to be in between fighters during a staredown? Just imagine the media shitstorm when fighters start fighting each other and the woman in between them got hurt bad.

  3. Yair has only KO'd chicken legs Fili and old BJ Penn. He had a shitty split decision over afroman I dunno how people think he will beat Edgar.
    (Please no bully if he KO's Edgar)

  4. The woman at the end on the right, a female isn't meant to have a chin that pokes out that much (even 99% of men don't have chins that point out that much). Steroids.
    Dustin vs Edward is funny, both guys who were KO'd by Conor. Hard to pick, both get dropped easily. I think may Dustin will win.
    YAIR will beat Edgar, I am 100% sure of it. I am leaning towards Stipe winning.
    About Maia and Masvidal I am unsure, possibly Maia but he better get it to the ground quickly.

  5. i hope that mexican bitch whos posing so hard during faceoffs gets her ass whopped as her last performance SUCKEEEED and she shouldnt be in the ufc

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