UFC 211: Inside the Octagon – Joanna Jedrzejczyk vs Jessica Andrade

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John Gooden and Dan Hardy break down the co-main event between Joanna Jedrzejczyk and Jessica Andrade at UFC 211 going down on May 13 live on Pay-Per-View.

43 thoughts on “UFC 211: Inside the Octagon – Joanna Jedrzejczyk vs Jessica Andrade

  1. First breakdown I've seen that has given an appropriate amount of time to the ground game and the threat Andrade poses there. Virtually every other breakdown has just focussed on the standup aspect and just dismissed the ground as inconsequential. For me this is the big swing in the favour of Andrade.

    Also, totally agree with the statement that sometimes technique isn't enough. Most analysts who have trained a bit like to over-analyse the technique and use that to explain why a certain fighter is going to win. Sometimes you can just hulk smash. They aluded to that with the takedowns a little bit but defending low double legs against the cage just is not of any relevance to whether or not Andrade can just pick JJ up over her head and slam her. You can't really defend that.

    Fantastic fight and I kinda wish I didn't have a load of money on it so I could just enjoy it! 😛

  2. In her career? No…she has fought Valentina. In her UFC career…yep but I'm not worried about Joanna though. She is a real fighter. I just think they're gonna throw down

  3. P4p is about skill and fight iq, doesn't matter that Demetrius Johnson will never fight a guy like Stipe or that Joanna will never fight a guy, it's about looking at skills and fight iq and measuring it against other fighters and saying that pound for pound some fighters skills put them above others.

  4. Jessica cant bullrush and empty all energy and throwing strikes like a maniac against Johanna in 5 rounds. Jessica wont last two rounds like this . Either Johanna KO her by a counter or Jessica will drain herself fast. I think Johanna will beat Jessica like any other fighter she fought so far.

  5. Andrade's looping old school no skill punches are going to get her destroyed , JJ has incredible precision that comes straight up the center of that wide open punch style. No question JJ will pick her apart all night #AndStill

  6. please go ahead and charge the champ / goat she gone kick ur nose to back of ur head who dick did guy on left to get on show he don't know shit is he there to make Dan look he know more than he does

  7. I love watching this just after this big victory of Joanna Champion 😉 All this crap about "power will win with techinque" XD Joanna teach that lesbian a lesson about fighting, nobody will defeat her until she will retire 😉

  8. Man when i watched this analysis I was so hyped and expected a war, but the fight itself was interesting here and there where they would exchange blows or when Jessica slammed JJ on the mat, but majority of the fight you could see Joanna was just way too good for Andrade, she never let Jessica lock her down by the fence or keep her on the mat and just kept moving and connecting with kicks and punches.

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