UFC 211: Frankie Edgar Octagon Interview

Watch Frankie Edgar talk his impressive victory over Yair Rodriguez at the American Airlines Center in Dallas for UFC 211.

29 thoughts on “UFC 211: Frankie Edgar Octagon Interview

  1. edgar coukd have had beaten yair with his boxing skills only, rodriguez's boxing skills are all over the place, all he has are his kicks, edgard went with the safer option and wrestled him down, smart play by frankie

  2. yall need to stop that yair was rushed, this is the fight game this is,how,it should be. if you think youre the best then fight the best. None of that protecting bullshit. Then youl wonder why the ufc is the way it is

  3. I do not believe Yair Rodriguez took Edgar lightly . Edgar just never allowed him to get into the fight and completely manhandled from start to finish . Edgar is a midget Yes, but everyone knows by now that he is a dangerous midget with talent and experience so no one underestimates Edgar . Every fighter by now knows what he is fully capable of.

  4. Yair will be back, he just needs to work on his takedown defense and jiu-jitsu a little more and maybe his boxing skills. Props to Frankie for his win it will just make my boy Pantera stronger.

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