UFC 211: Dustin Poirier and Eddie Alvarez Octagon Interviews

Watch UFC fighters Dustin Poirier and Eddie Alvarez talk with Joe Rogan in the octagon after a surprising stop to their fight in the second round after some accidental, but illegal knee kicks.

33 thoughts on “UFC 211: Dustin Poirier and Eddie Alvarez Octagon Interviews

  1. The UFC needs to resolve their problems.
    1- They need to fix the Athletic GOV board to unify all rules and make these rules clear to all reffs and fighters. Every event has a confusion and every event has bad refereeing.
    2- They need to fix the camera setup and crew. With the motion technology we have today we should not be dealing with reffs blocking the fighters. We need more interesting camera shots (straight down, 45 degree sweeping cameras all automated with auto framing and focus etc, immediate action replay and slow mo…) Currently every event has problems with bad graphic banners being miss placed and replays taking 5 minutes to produce with poorly shot footage, reffs blocking shots, camera crew not framing shots to clearly see whats happening. They should be filming at 120+ fps. To fix this they need to hire a new crew/team and implement new technology. Most live news channels have resolved live broadcast problems. Why is the UFC not moving forward with the times.

  2. Great Fight. They are both improved. Now i think its time to rematch them to the Notorious One. but, this is a no contest bout, this should be decided again, and the winners will go forward to meet Conor.

  3. Under old rules both knees were illegal so it should be DQ Win for Poirier but we all know that Herb fucked up because you can see that he ain't stoping it after the first one which was foul ass well. Don't be biased people Eddie threw this knees intanioally not accidental but it is Herb Dean mistake because after the first one he should pause this, warn Eddie or take a point and continue the fight. End of story. Peace out

  4. Eddie is a complete lowlife bitch…Dustin sticks up for him in the octagon interview risking his ass to get booed the fuck out and this faggot stabs him in the back via twitter.

  5. Respect for all three men, the third being herb dean which is taking alot of heat for. Its the usada's fault for the change of rules in each state. When someone is gettin puched in the face there not thinking about what state Theyre in.. just sayin

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