UFC 211: Demian Maia vs Jorge Masvidal – Joe Rogan Preview

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Joe Rogan breaks down the fantastic bout scheduled for UFC 211 between Demian Maia and Jorge Masvidal.

36 thoughts on “UFC 211: Demian Maia vs Jorge Masvidal – Joe Rogan Preview

  1. funny that dude called donald one of the best strikers in the world that is simply false look at what nate diaz did to donald dont get me wrong donald is a tough dude with decent striking but he isnt anywhere near even top 10 in the world as far as striking

  2. I'm all for Damian maia his a anaconda vs a panther but in the end of the fight the anaconda will swallow that panther like a Bolivian whore on meth sucking cock to a gringo tourist with a fat wallet full of Benjamins

  3. Masvidal impressed me with his couple of recent flashy KOs but his attitude is shitty. I think I'm for Maia now as Maia at least is professional and doesn't act like a clown. Maia will probably shut him up Saturday.

  4. Many poeple think that its a good matchup for Masvidal on paper, but they forget that Masvidal is a huge lightweight, who just beat another huge lightweight in welterweight fight and Maia is a natural middleweight. If Masvidal survive 1st round grappling assault he may win the same way MacDonald won against Maia, but I think he is going to be taken down and submitted in 1st..

  5. If Stipe and Dos Santos are the super likeable fighters then Jorge is the dipshit retarded kid in the corner that thinks he is a bad ass.

  6. Maia was a bigger guy and did not finish Jorge say what you will but thAts just a fact and all you the round ending saved him you are slow… look at Maia's movement after that leg buckled and after he got tossed and punched in the head several times at the end of round one. Damian is one of my guys but masvidal just did more damage !

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