UFC 211: Demian Maia Octagon Interview

Watch Demian Maia discuss his split decision win over Jorge Masvidal at the American Airlines Arena in Dallas for UFC 211.

33 thoughts on “UFC 211: Demian Maia Octagon Interview

  1. I thought Masvidal landed more significant strikes and was the first guy to nullify the vaunted ground game of Maia. Obviously the judges did not put value on the unbelievable escapes of Masvidal.

  2. Masvidal is a legit contender in this division I hope UFC don't drop the ball on him. He spent large portion of the 15 mins on the ground with one of the best jujitsu players ever and he didn't look in any real danger, his boxing is arguably the best in that division too. Let him fight Wonderboy.

  3. Damn, if Maia actually implemented some striking when he was on Jorge's back, he could have won that fight easily. Maia is too gentle. He uses his strikes to grapple, and I would like to see him start to use his grappling to strike.

  4. i think woodley is gonna knock maia out. woodley will definitely be able to defend maia's takedowns. its just a matter of when woodley lands the big right. only way i see woodley losing is if he shoots for a takedown and maia takes advantage and gets the sub

  5. Demian Maia is a World Champion. All the people crying are probably recent MMA fans who started watching UFC for Conor Mcgregor. He too is a great fighter, but MMA is more than trash talk and vicious KOs.

    If you're still crying, may I suggest the Undisputed series of films. Should go with your "fighting not grappling" mentality perfectly.

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