UFC 211: Demian Maia Backstage Interview

Watch Demian Maia talk backstage with Megan Olivi about his split decision win over Jorge Masvidal at the American Airlines Center in Dallas for UFC 211.

27 thoughts on “UFC 211: Demian Maia Backstage Interview

  1. people don't understand people don't control fighters like masvidal that says alot about how one sided this fight really was. Super surprised one judge voted it 29 28 to masvidal it was a CLEAR and CLEAN win by Maia

  2. corrupt UFC wanted to deny him……so glad he won….i dont even give a fk if the decision was wrong…..fuck masvidal anyway for trying to help the UFC

  3. whoever saying masvidal got robbed doesnt know this sport. clearly Demian won. how many take downs did he perform, how many ground and pound he landed? who long he had the control on the floor? Demian is number one people, when he is on the opponents back they are literally done. BJJ baby

  4. i saw the whole fight and demian won.. jorge only had that one flurry at the beginning and after that he was basically not doing anything… demian stayed busy the whole time

  5. I think Damien Maia is a absolute monster ,,,,if you cant appreciate how he controls the top 170 pounders in the world using pure jui jitsu you should just watch glory ,,,,,hats off to masvidal for putting up the fight he did ,,but he lost that fight

  6. Damian is a great man. I'm glad he won but I also like Masvidal a lot. Masvidal's defense with the grappling was very impressive to me (not that I'm an expert or anything)

  7. neither dominated. maia was in control on the ground, masvidal on feet. Would have been interesting to see what happened if it was a 5 round fight. I wouldn't be against a rematch considering maia didn't finish him

  8. I hope Maia chokes out Woodley…then fanboys will cry their cries, Woodley will cry the "UFC is a racist organization" card…and all I am going to do is laugh, LAUGH MY ASS OFF!!!!
    Demian Maia is the most humble welterweight in the UFC roster, never abandoned his roots, isn't flashy, never got caught by USADA, gives zero excuses, true martial artist

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