UFC 211: Dana White Event Recap

Megan Olivi catches up with UFC President Dana White after UFC 211.

29 thoughts on “UFC 211: Dana White Event Recap

  1. I like and respect Stipe, but I honestly think Bones Jones would beat him. Jones steps into the octagon now around 225-230, he could easily put on 5-10 lbs of muscle and be the bigger, faster man.. I'd love to see it

  2. juniors time is done he's gonna go down as one of the best heavy weights. but there's one main stipe needs to face….and his name is cain cardio velasquez

  3. The rules not being the same in every arena is insane it should be a simple ultimatum by ufc to these commissions – either get on board or we won't be in your town anytime soon. Wtf is this imagine if 3 pointers were only allowed in some NBA arenas

  4. dana white is a poor manager and doesn't want to admit he could of done something about making sure the fighters are well aware of the rules of the state they are fighting in. why dont you have the fighters sign off on the rules before each fight or have the ref or bruce buffer anounce them at the beginning of each event and the rules for that state. A good manager would of seen this issue coming a mile away and took steps to prevent a gray area. Dana White is to busy playing big shit on TUF and in interviews. Dude get the shit together. work in progress?? sounds like a lame cover up to me.

  5. The day that this scum bag allows CRIS CYBORG to actually fight someone, after she stops them (i hope its just a submission so that cyborg doesnt scare her off)
    To see if she would come back fight someone, and then fight her, cyborg.
    So we can make sure to never seee Ronda in the octagon again

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