UFC 203: Stipe Miocic Backstage Interview

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Watch Stipe Miocic backstage fresh off his win at UFC 203, where he defended his heavyweight title in front of his home crowd in Cleveland, Ohio.

42 thoughts on “UFC 203: Stipe Miocic Backstage Interview

  1. Stippe came out unscaved in his last fights.. Stippe is a verry underated ufc champ.. I also believe stippe is a clean athlethe whit natural physical abilitys.. He manhandeld overeem like a school boy.. Overeem on roids.. (Brock) fight was a total different animal..

  2. why is it that this guys soon as they get the title and somebody ask them what's next after a fight they tell people I don't know I just want to go home and be with family, but if they are not the champ soon as the fight is over they start calling their next fight funny how things work.

  3. No one in the UFC can beat him right now. Cain is gonna be an extremely tough fight though. I love JDS he's one of my all time favorite fighters but I don't see him winning a rematch at this point although it is still possible.

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