UFC 162: Weidman & Silva Octagon Interviews

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Middleweight contender Chris Weidman knocks out former champ, Anderson Silva, ending Silva’s reign and earning the title of UFC middleweight champion.

35 thoughts on “UFC 162: Weidman & Silva Octagon Interviews

  1. Seems like he lossed the match becoz he didn't want to defend the belt anymore..he is sick n tired of fighting schedule n didn't get a chance to go back to his family n friends.. So he give a chance to weidman to knock him out.. He let him to hold the belt

  2. End of an era when Silva said he didn't want the belt no more 💔 I doubt anyone will ever match the entertainment value that he brought to the cage. All the 'Hespeck' to him

  3. Why do people get so butthurt about cocky UFC fighters? When Silva did the things he did in the octagon it was a calculated risk/reward move, hes mentally destroying you in the octagon when he just stands there and taunts you with his hands down, doing the Matrix etc.

    It's like Conor, Conor is humble after victory or defeat but before a fight he talks more shit than anyone.. and look where hes at.

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