Tyron Woodley talks with Megan Olivi | INTERVIEW | UFC 228

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Tyron Woodley talks with Megan Olivi about his upcoming title fight against undefeated Darren Till at UFC 228.

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Tyron Woodley talks with Megan Olivi | INTERVIEW | UFC 228


26 thoughts on “Tyron Woodley talks with Megan Olivi | INTERVIEW | UFC 228”

  1. It will be a great day in the sport when Tyron loses. Nobody likes a race baiter or a constant victim no matter what side of the political fence you're on. You'd have to be a bias black person or a white guilt cuck who never criticizes anyone black for fear of being called a racist even though you're not judging them by their race. Just for white dumb things they say. Tryon is hateable.

  2. I am really torn between who I want to win this fight. Tyron is a good dude, that is hated on by too many…and a phenomenally smart fighter. Him having boring fights with Wonderboy was him fighting smart. Darren Till is new energy and hunger.

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